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Street Racing using HPL Superior Lubricants
Duck X Productions Lights Out race sponsored by HPL Superior Lubricants


The recipe is strait forward; we use ONLY the highest quality synthetic base oils and additives without cutting corners. HPL lubricants are engineered with ample amounts of critical chemistry which allow it to survive and perform under the harshest conditions. Our lubricants far exceed API and O.E, oil requirements; so you know you can trust it. HPL has proven to be a superior product against the leading competition. Made in the USA!

The Winning Recipe

The Right Solution


HPL’s full line of specific engine oils, weights and blends provides the right lubricants tailored for each kind of engine. The shotgun approach of mass produced, consumer grade lubricants can’t do that. Whether it’s a 0W3 oil for your Pro Stock, a high temp blend for your turbo car or a soot resistant formulation for your diesel, HPL has the right lubricant for whatever moves you.


Oil contamination from acids, dirt and fuel can degrade your engine’s performance. That’s why HPL Oil has the best possible base oil and additive combinations so your engine performs just like when it was new – everyday!  Relieve your mind of what can damage your engine’s components, so you can focus on the job of winning with the help of proven HPL Oil blends.

The Best Protection

Dirt track racing using HPL Superior Lubricants

The Right Product Every Time


Every batch of HPL lubricants are tested before, during and after. Raw ingredients are always QC’d before they can become a HPL Lubricant. Careful checks are made throughout the formulation process to be sure standards are met. Then the final products are catalogued, sampled and measured so every product is the same regardless of when it was bottled.


Trusted by the Pros!


We're honored to have been asked to be on the Performance TV television show, featured on Velocity, REV'N and MavTV.  We had a great time and we hope you enjoy!


Velocity by Discovery - HPL Superior Lubricants
REV'N TV - HPL Superior Lubricants
MAV TV - HPL Superior Lubricants

What our customers are saying...


Brad & Nina Gusler -

"When traditional synthetic oils just wouldn't do the job, I went with HPL to make sure that my high performance engine had a high performance lubricant. Putting in a 0 mile race-prepped motor in a drag car meant that we would have to break it in properly using HPL break-in oil for those first crucial miles. After a successful break-in we switched to HPL Synthetic Motor Oil and started to put it to the test. Even with constant beatings from the drag strip and constantly increasing boost, the motor has run like new since day one.

Going with the right oil is a cheap price to pay to protect your engine under race conditions."

Jon Bennett - Owner, @bennettracingengines

"We have thoroughly tested #HPLOil in our engines. Our most in depth study was on Joel Greathouse’s record shattering #UltraStreet engine. When running methanol, oil quality is a major focus for us. The PTE oil exceeded our expectations and achieved unsurpassed results. Today’s engine designs demand proper initial lubrication for power and longevity, as well as proper ring seating. Since we have switched to PTE break in oil, we are seeing ring seal at an all time best with cylinder leak tests at 0% in many cases. We are currently using PTE break in oil on EVERY engine we build. We highly recommend PTE Lubricants to anyone serious about giving their engine the proper care it needs."

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