HPL Synthetic ATF with Boosted Technology, the automatic transmission fluid that is chemically engineered to exceed the harsh demands of high performance transmissions.

This is achieved by using only the highest quality synthetic base oils and specially formulated additives. HPL lubricants are ideal for the high RPM, heavy loads, and extreme pressures found in high performance street and race transmissions. The Boosted Technology additive pack creates maximum anti-wear and increased shear protection, resulting in cooler operating temperatures and longer transmission life. HPL offers superior anti-foam and corrosion protection for increased oil life and extended drain intervals. Made in the USA.

Whether it’s your daily driver, weekend warrior or all out race rig you can depend on HPL with Boosted technology to provide superior protection and performance. Don’t be fooled by creative marketing gimmicks and “miracle” additives, they simply don’t work. Superior protection begins with a superior recipe that is engineered for maximum protection.


This begins by selecting only the highest quality synthetic base oils combined with our proprietary Boosted Technology additive packs. This powerful combination of balanced/ unrivaled additives and premium base oil insures unsurpassed anti-wear, sheer, anti-foam and corrosion protection. HPL synthetic ATF is chemically engineered to outperform the competition. You have many choices when buying transmission oil, make sure you choose the ATF you can trust to provide maximum protection, increased clutch/band life and extended drain intervals, Make sure you choose HPL .



HPL Transmission


  • Superior aniti-wear formula reduces damaging wear and increased transmission life

  • Film strength that maintains stability at high temperatures

  • Low friction coefficients reduce parasitic loss and increase performance

  • Increased alkalinity prevents rust and corrosion

  • Exceptional anti-foam capability

  • Made in the USA


Synthetic DEX/MERC 



(55 Gallons)


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Synthetic DEX VI