From racing shocks to fire arms and industrial machinery to heavy equipment you can depend on HPL with Boosted technology to provide superior protection and increase equipment life. Don’t be fooled by creative marketing gimmicks or “miracle” additives, they simply don’t work. Superior protection begins with a superior recipe that is engineered to perform under the harshest conditions.

This begins by selecting only the highest quality synthetic base oils coupled with the proprietary Boosted Technology additive packs. This powerful combination of balanced/ unrivaled additives and premium base oil insures unsurpassed anti-wear, sheer, anti-foam and corrosion protection. HPL synthetic hydraulic oils are chemically engineered to increase equipment life and minimize downtime. You have many choices when buying oil. Make sure you choose the oil you can trust to provide maximum protection, increased service life and minimize damaging wear, make sure you choose HPL.



Synthetic Hydraulic ISO-46 Oil



HPL Hydraulic Oil

  • Superior anti-wear formula increases equipment life

  • Extended drain intervals help minimize down time and service cost

  • Film strength that maintains stability at high temperatures and heavy loads

  • Increased alkalinity prevents rust and corrosion

  • Exceptional anti-foam capability

  • Made in the USA

HPL Hydraulic ISO-46 Quart

32 FL Oz


HPLHydraulic ISO-46 Quart Case

12 Quarts (384 FL Oz)


HPL Hydraulic ISO-46 Pail

5 Gallons


HPL Hydraulic ISO-46 Drum

55 Gallons


Shock Oil




HPL Shock Oil

  • Unprecedented VI of 625

  • Provides Low Seal Drag

  • No Foam

  • Excellent Air Release

  • Allows Operation Under Lower Gas Pressures

  • Significantly Reduces Fade Compared to other Shock Oils

  • Made in the USA