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Holiday Savings you can't beat!

Give your vehicle the TLC it's been waiting for with our best sale of the year!



Winter is approaching FAST, time to get those chores done before it gets too cold. Get out there and change your oil

so you can forget about it until the spring!

Our superior lubricants are guaranteed to last up to twice the amount of miles as other upper tier motor oil brands sold at major retailers. You get two oil changes with one case! 20% off is the best annual deal we offer. You DO NOT want to pass it up.

Our cases of oil look especially nice with a bow on top under a Christmas tree. If you're really feeling festive, buy two cases and double your savings! One as a gift your car enthusiast buddy will be sure to love and one for you.

Have a happy holiday season, everyone!

From our HPL family - to yours.

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