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After lots of Red Bull, sweat and tears... our website is finally up-and-running as a web STORE! You can make your purchase of any HPL t-shirt, hoodie, hat, quart, case or pail right through our website! If you wish to order a drum we recommend you give us a call at 219-996-3460.

All payments are authorized and processed through PayPal. No sweat if you don't have a PayPal account, it can still process your credit card through the portal.

Once you place an order we will keep you updated with shipment and tracking information.

Exciting bonus information we have added new weights to all lubricant categories! Full list of our lubricants is below.

Motor Oil

  • 0W20 Motor Oil

  • 5W20 Motor Oil

  • 5W30 Motor Oil

  • 5W30 Diesel Motor Oil

  • 5W40 Motor Oil

  • 15W40 Motor Oil

  • 20W50 Motor Oil

  • 50WT Motor Oil

  • 60 WT Motor Oil

  • 70 WT Motor Oil

European Lubricants

  • 5W30 Euro Motor Oil

  • 5W30 Euro Diesel Motor Oil

  • 10W60 Euro Motor Oil

  • Euro ATF

Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF)

  • Dex/Merc ATF

  • Dex VI ATF

  • Racing ATF

  • Ultra Light ATF

  • Euro ATF

Break In Motor Oil

  • 0W10 Race Break-In Oil

  • 5W30 Break-In Oil

  • 10W40 Break-In Oil

  • 15W40 Break-In Oil

Racing Motor Oil

  • 0W3 Pro-Light Race Motor Oil

  • 0W320 Pro-Light Race Motor Oil

  • 0W30 Pro-Light Race Motor Oil

  • 20W50 Race Motor Oil

  • 40WT Race Motor Oil

  • 50WT Race Motor Oil

  • 50WT Rotary Race Motor Oil

  • 60WT Race Motor Oil

  • 60WT Rotary Race Motor Oil

  • 70WT Race Motor Oil

Gear Oil

  • 75W90 Gear Oil

  • 75W140 Gear Oil

Fuel Juice

  • Pump/Race Gas Fuel Juice

  • Alcohol Fuel Juice

Shock Oil

  • 8WT Shock Oil

  • 20WT Shock Oil

Engine Assembly Lube

#46 Wet Brake Transaxle Oil

2-Stroke Oil

Gun Oil


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