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Harry Hruska – The No-Prep Pro Mod Groundbreaker

Harry Hruska is breaking new ground by being the first NHRA Pro Mod driver to attend Street Outlaws Live, No-Prep Kings race! You can watch him this weekend competing in the Outlaw Big Tire class at the Street Outlaws Live event being held in Benson, NC, GALOT Motorsports Park.

This style of drag racing will be a completely new experience for Harry, with a big tire car. Over the last 25 years Harry has been tuning, testing, and racing on completely prepped NHRA style tracks.

Harry excitedly added, “I’m really looking forward to the challenge of getting a real pro mod down a no-prep race track. I have a lot of respect for the experienced racers that are out here that I’ll be joining. These are tough guys to race and I hope this groundbreaking experience brings even more entertainment for the street outlaw fans. We’re here to have fun!”

When asked what changes he’ll have to make to the car, he responded, “That’s the mystery. We will just have to see what the tracks like. Just like any other day at the races."

With Harry’s experience and the HPL lubricated monster he’ll be driving, this should be a really exciting shake-up for the no-prep world. Watch out guys, the big boys are coming to play!

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