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The Secret Weapon ... HPL Oil

When lubricating products are purchased off-the-shelf, what’s in the bottle is often nothing more than just a compromise. Large lubricant manufacturers would rather look away from the specially formulated lubricants that racers need in favor of large volume products that provide the most income.

Specially formulated lubricants can serve racers better for numerous reasons:

  • Different engine designs

  • Clearances

  • Fuels

  • Extended oil change intervals

All those competitive factors demand special oils that everyday passenger car lubricants aren’t designed for.

Making lubricants for niche markets requires not only a company’s commitment, but also significant investments in industry experience, laboratory analysis, on-the-track testing and feedback from engine builders and race teams alike. That alone is what makes a successful product that optimizes performance while exceeding customer expectations.

That can be seen with the wide range of high performance lubricants that come with HPL on the label. HPL Oil can be found in crankcases ranging from Pro Stock to Top Alcohol Dragster and from Street Outlaws to Pro Mod. For no compromise lubricants for your race car – or any vehicle you own – look to HPL Oil as your secret weapon!

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