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HPL European Motor Oil Now Available

PRECISION TURBO AND ENGINE is proud to announce the release of our New HPL Euro Motor Oil, engineered specifically for European engines.

With a dedicated commitment to innovation, all HPL Synthetic Lubricants are designed for everything from the hardcore racer, to the weekend warriors, and daily drivers.

HPL Euro Synthetic Lubricants use only the highest quality synthetic base oils and specially formulated additives. European vehicles are built to a higher standard and require oil that is engineered to exceed this standard. Our propriety Euro Boosted Technology additive packs combined with premium base oils result in a powerful/unrivaled formula insuring unsurpassed anti-wear, maximum shear protection, and exceptional anti-foam capabilities. Increased alkalinity in HPL Euro Blends help prevent rust and corrosion, while promoting cleanliness and sludge prevention/removal.

With superior protection during startup and low oil temperatures, as well as maximum film strength stability at high temperatures and RPM. So whether you're racing across the finish line or just driving across town, you can depend on HPL Euro Synthetic Oils to outperform the competition and exceed the high demands of your European engine.

You have many choices when buying motor oil for your European engine. Make sure you choose the oil you can trust to provide maximum protection, make sure you choose HPL Euro Motor Oil. Made in the USA.

A Quart is priced at $15.80 USD, Precision's HPL Euro Motor Oil is available for purchase! Stay tuned for Precision's HPL Euro ATF COMING SOON!

Unlike anything else on the market today, Precision's HPL European Motor Oil exceeds the API and O.E. requirements, allowing it to effortlessly outperform the leading high performance oils.

For more information regarding PTE's HPL European Motor Oil, or to order, please contact Precision Turbo and Engine at (855) 996-7832.

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