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HPL, PRO ATF 30, Case (12 Quarts)

HPL, PRO ATF 30, Case (12 Quarts)


HPL Superior Lubricants is excited to introduce HPL PRO ATF, the automatic transmission fluid engineered for professional racing. The increased temperatures and extreme loads found in racing can wreak havoc on the transmission. Its not uncommon for turbocharged cars to see transmission temperatures in excess of 400 degrees. HPL PRO ATF is a clean slate approach, engineered from the ground up to withstand, protect and perform in the most extreme conditions. 


  • Unsurpassed temperature protection
  • More consistent fluid behavior with temperature swings
  • Aggressive clutch grip reduces slipping
  • Extreme anti-wear protection
  • Less parasitic loss for increased performance
  • Increased service life
  • Available in SAE 10, 20 and 30 weight
  • Made in the USA
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