HPL Synthetic Break-In Oil with Boosted Technology, the oil that is chemically engineered for proper engine break-in on high performance engines.

This is achieved by using only the highest quality synthetic base oils and specially formulated break-in additives. HPL Break-In oil promotes fast and efficient seating of the piston rings without compromising other critical engine components. The Boosted Technology additive pack offers the ideal amount of anti-wear and film strength in order to protect the cam, lifters, rockers, and bearings during the break-in process. HPL oil with Boosted Technology exceeds O.E. requirements, allowing it to effortlessly outperform the leading high performance break-in oils. Made in the USA.

Breaking-In a motor correctly is the most important step to insure engine longevity and performance. Don’t be fooled by creative marketing gimmicks and “miracle” additive, superior protection begins with a superior recipe that is engineered for maximum effectiveness during break-in. Failure to properly break-in an engine can result in premature camshaft/lifter failure, blow-by, smoking  and oil consumption.


HPL uses only the highest quality synthetic base oils coupled with the proprietary Boosted Technology, Break-In additive pack. This powerful combination of balanced/ unrivaled additives and premium base oil insures unsurpassed protection during engine break-in. Adequately lubricating the cam, lifters, push rods tips and bearings while allowing the rings to properly seat in the cylinder bores is a delicate balance. HPL Break-In formula is engineered for Superior protection from the start. You have many choices when buying break-in oil. Make sure you choose the oil you can trust to promote ring seal and provide maximum valve train protection, make sure you choose HPL.



HPL Break-In Motor Oil

  • Maximum camshaft, lifter, push rods tip and bearings protection, perfect for flat tappet cams

  • Ideal balance of key additives allows the rings to seat without compromising other critical engine components

  • Superior protection at startup and low oil temperatures

  • Made in the USA


Synthetic 5W30 Break-In Motor Oil


5W30 Break-In Oil

Drum (55 Gallons)


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